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We provide mentoring to ideas, projects and start-ups around the world in an innovative, sustainable way, caring people first.

About us

We help you grow up and scale

Founded in Milano (Italy) by a small group of entreprenurs on 2012, Social4Social is a non-profit social enterprise (A.p.S.), grew to be an international network of entrepreneurs, business professionals, managers, angels and VCs spread all over Europe.
We count now more than 30 partners and 200+

Our mission is to mentor both young or seasoned startuppers, analyze products and services, connect resources and teams, find markets, customer and money to grow.

We connect people, competences, companies to create a sustainable business for a better world.

Our services

What we do


Destination. Every idea or project needs to find its sustainability. Whether it would be a social product or services, a mobile app, a wearable device, it must understand its way to the market, find users, customers, supporters, finance partners, a sales channel. This is what we do, from the very beginning.

  • Idea & project pre-assessment
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Model design
  • Business Plan design


Once you have a better vision of the destination, then it's turn to plan the trip, and first of all the people you need around you and a map.
Strategy is a matter of people, time, milestones and resources, and we'll help you to find and manage all of them.

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Team Competence building
  • Business Canvas design 
  • Resource Analysis
  • Time to market planning

Business Development

Now you have a destination and a map, so we can start to run. You will need to take control no every single aspect of your vehicle, check gas, tyres, sometimes turn lights on, brake a bit. Driving a company it's not easy as it's not the first time you run a vehicle, and we're plenty experienced to run companies.

  • B2B and B2C planning
  • Sales Channel building
  • Financial forecasting
  • Fundraising & Crowdfunding
  • Assets Management


Users and Customers needs to know you are on the road and find you easily, so you need to advertise, attract and get in contact with them in the easiest and cheaper way as possible. We adopt recent web and social tools and tecniques to run your compaigns in a smooth and easy way.
  • Marketing Strategy design
  • Social Media ecosystem
  • CRM planning
  • Google AdSense / AdWords
  • Web/Mobile UX design 

Work process

Step by step, take your time

Every type of business need the right time to think and grow: it's better not to run too fast, in order to possibly avoid mistakes and falls.  
Our approach is very straight, fare and does reflect the real life.

Step 1. Getting in love

Let's get in love. When we know each other first time, might happen that we feel good together, and we need to stay closer and understand real intent to prosecute.
Here is when we sign NDA, exchange our first hints, analyze your idea and this takes 2-5 weeks, where Partners and Associates will evaluate, with your help, if we may take seriously next step.

Step 2. Getting engaged

Once we liked and exchanged passion, usually we just to next step, and get engaged.
The engagement ring is a formal contract that binds parties for a period of time to build a relationship, a home, share resources and passion to build a life.
This process may take time, but it's full of things to do.

Step 3. Get married.... or not

The engagement may take (usually) months or even years, it depends ho how difficult is the common path (the market, the product/service), but during this time we both get results, we suffer together, we demonstrate to each other trust and respect.
Final result would be getting married (our cash+equity into your company) or consensual leave (we get paid, upon achieved results). 

Step 4. Divorce or Married for Life?

Nothing is for life, and may happen that even if we get married we set our divorce after a period of time or goal achievement, leaving you freedom to find your way.
Or maybe not, so the game is so funny that we may decide to go till the end.
It will depend on the full path designed above, and will happen with Social4Social, its Partners or Associates, or a mix of the 3.  

Our projects

A selection of our best works, past and current

We did many things since the beginnig, 80+ assisted projects, 25 companies launched, dozens events, prizes, contests.

Here are some insights collected from the best stories.



We actively participate into entrepreneurial, financial and start-up ecosystems, looking for innovative ways to create sustainable business, to help people live better, to make world a better place. 

Connected Health Now

Together with Innovability, a company running major innovation-related events, we are building the next-big-ecosystem to drive the future of Digital Health. Stay tuned and ask us more info HERE

La Bottega delle StartUp

La Bottega delle StartUp è una iniziativa dedicata al mercato italiano, volta a stimolare e sviluppare l'imprenditorialità di giovani e senior, mediante percorsi di formazione, mentoring, assistenza all'avviamento di impresa. Se interessati SCRIVETECI QUI

Social4Social oÜ

Social4Social landed in Estonia, the world most innovative country, and the most advanced ICT-based european government.

Social4Social is opening strategic relationships with Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, to boost startup innovation, and particularly with Connected Health, to research AI and blockchain impact on future health products and services.

Our Partners

A draft list of our partnerships


Social4Social A.p.S.
Piazzale Giovanni dalle Bande Nere, 9
20146 Milano (MI) - Italy

Social4Social oŪ
Sepapaja tn 6, Tallinn, 15551 - Estonia

Other offices or representatives located in:
- Rome (Italy)
- London (UK)
- Lugano (Switzerland)
- Madrid (Spain)- Bruxelles (Belgium)- Berlin (Germany)
Soon opened: Paris (France), Dubai (UAE )
+39 (392) 9108220


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On LinkedIN company page you'll find our more recent company event and initiative: you can even see our position proposals

LinkedIN Group

Our LinkedIN Group is visibile, but closed to esclusive people who wish to participate ina professional network. Knock at our door.

Facebook Company page

On Facebook we are quite actively engaging people to share their insights, ideas, activities around the world, letting you know what happens..


Facebook Group is set to Public.
Hare you can say your word, chant with others on a larger network, an get fun.


On Twitter we connect with our partners, live stream when we are present at events and follow what's going on the matters we like


On the F6S popular platform, we find startups that needs our help, and find funds, angel and ventures to help our assisted startups.

Plumbing works

AngelList is one of the most popular networks for startups, looking for funds, people, competence. We are active here too.


We just landed on CrunchBase, expanding our network to find more funds overseas.Follow us here too, and you'll see what happens.


Main offices in Milano (Italy) and Tallinn (Estonia)
Branch offices: Rome, London, Lugano, Madrid, Bruxelles, Berlin
Soon to open: Paris, Dubai

Phone / WhatsApp

+39 (392) 9108220